Coaching Youth Football – Quarterbacks

May 19, 2022 0 Comments

1. As a coach you need to show confidence in your Q.B. The more confident a Q.B. sounds in calling a play, the more confident his teammates will be in running that play. Q.B.’s can’t worry about anything (weather etc…). Q.B.’s should think quickly but calmly. They should not worry about interceptions (when they start to worry they will start to throw them). Never force a pass, either eat it or throw it away. There is nothing that makes a team go to hell faster than a Q.B. who loses his cool.

2. When the Q.B. crouches behind the center he puts his right hand firmly under the centers butt, with his left hand back a little. On the snap count, the center lifts the ball into the Q.B.’s right hand. Then the Q.B. uses his left hand to guide it up.

3. Q.B. steps back to throw – Always an odd number of steps-(3-5-7). First step, back with right leg. Second step, crossover step. Third step, plant ราคาบอลสเต็ป ufabet and throw.

4. If a Q.B. scrambles or decides to take off upfield on a run, fine. He should not float, if he floats his blockers will not know where he is.

5. The Q.B. should fake the run good – Hide the ball to fool the defence. This will help the offence. It will make the defence freeze for a second or at least fool one would be tackler.

6.The Q.B. should see all receivers – Know the Primary and secondary receivers. Once a Q.B. sets, his hips are squared down field. If he wants to throw to the right, step to the right to get leverage on pass. Step with his front toe at target. The Q.B. has got to throw the ball where his receivers are going, not where his receivers are.