German Shepherd Dogs – How to Improve the Breed

May 20, 2022 0 Comments

The German Shepherd Dog, not so long ago, had a reputation of being a breed of dog, not only beautiful in appearance, but also an excellent guard dog with a very strong protective instinct.

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Unfortunately many German Shepherd Dogs today, particularly top show winners, cannot live up to this reputation. They appear to have lost the natural, in-born, protective instinct that was once a highly regarded feature of the breed. Many German Shepherd Dog are of very little value as reliable guard dogs.

A German Shepherd Dog with a strong protective nature must not be confused with and over-aggressive animal. This type of temperament is frequently the result of timidity and nervousness, rather than bold, self-confidence.


Ideally, a German Shepherd Dog jerman seaford dog should be an extremely self-assured animal, a loyal companion, devoted to family members, excellent with children, approachable and tolerant of strangers, but with a natural ability to discriminate between friend and foe and an instinctive ability to immediately recognize danger when it appears.

With appropriate training a dog with this temperament can be easily trained to respond to dangers than threaten memembers of the family.

Years ago this was the type of behavior once could expect from most German Shepherd Dogs. Why has this changed?

One of the reasons for this is probably because many breeders of German Shepherd Dog, who concentrate on breeding dogs that will win at shows, are not paying sufficient attention to correct temperament.

There is no doubt that top German Shepherd Dog show winners today are more strikingly handsome animals than they have ever been. They are so uniform in appearance that judges, for the most part, are only able to separate them by paying attention to minor faults in construction.

Because gait and spectacular, ground-covering, side-movement is such an important factor in judging, breeders of German Shepherd Dogs concentrate on breeding dogs with dynamic, animated, energetic temperaments.